[j-nsp] upgrading M120 directly from 8.5 to 9.3

Serge Vautour sergevautour at yahoo.ca
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I actually tried jumping 5 releases on an M40e in our lab. The upgrade worked but when I began running my test plan, I had a few items that wouldn't work. The fix was to downgrade to the previous release and then upgrade with an interim release to avoid upgrading more than 3 releases at a time. It would take me a while to find the exact releases and problems. It was almost 2 years ago.

It may have been a one time thing but based on my experience, I never upgrade more than 3 releases at a time. If you are missing an interim release that is no longer on the Juniper web site, TAC can get you a copy.


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Juniper recommends not upgrading more than 3 releases, but 8.5 to 9.3 
would be a 4-release upgrade (9.0 - 9.1 - 9.2 - 9.3).  Has anyone done 
this with success?  It seems strange to me that Juniper wouldn't test 
and support an upgrade from one E-EOL release to another without 
having to jump through a non-E-EOL release, and in fact a release that 
has actually reached EOL.

8.5 reaches EOL on 2011-05-15
9.2 has reached EOL as of 2009-11-15

How is one supposed to upgrade in a supported manner once 9.2 is 
removed from the web site?  Luckily, it is still there now.  But if I 
have a problem with 9.2 during this intermediate upgrade step, Juniper 
won't support it because it is EOL?  Seems like someone didn't think 
this through very well.

I'd like to avoid the pain and just go directly from 8.5 to 9.3.  What 
are your experiences?

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