[j-nsp] About upgrade Junos validation error

luis barrios labarriosdl at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 15:54:05 EST 2010

Hello ..
I have a juniper router m10i series,  but when i try to ugrade  the junos
version from 8.2 to 8.4  the router stop the process and show  the next
error when it makes the validation of the configuration

Chassis control process:   'graceful-switchover'
Chassis control process:     Graceful switchover configured!
*mgd: error: configuration check-out failed
Validation failed
WARNING: Current configuration not compatible with
if i use the no-validate option  the upgrade is succesful , but my question
is ..   What happend if i do that ... could i have problems with my
configuration ??

i am upgrading the backup RE, so  i need to upgrade from 8.2 to 9.4  so i
made that in this order   8.2R2.4 -->8.4R3.3
-->8.5R4.3-->9.3R2.8-->9.4R4.5   but in all upgrades i used the no-validate
option, in this way the upgrade was succesful ..   my  quesion is if i can
do that (use the no-validate option)  and after make  a "commit
synchronize"  from de Master RE  and  all should works OK when i make
"request chassis routing-engine master switch "   . Or i have a lot of risks
because the validation failed ..

or what can i do in order to have the minor risks in the upgrade ,,

thanks  so much ..

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