[j-nsp] Access to SNMP-Indexes outside the current routing-instance (Cross RI SNMP-Access)

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Wed Jan 27 08:46:58 EST 2010

"Hendrik Kahmann" <hendrik.kahmann at ewetel.de> writes:

> I've got a J-Series with two routing-instances configured (voice, data). I
> want to access all SNMP-Variables over the instance 'data'. For the
> interfaces belonging to this instance everything works fine but I am not
> able to access snmp-variables inside the instance 'voice' from here. I want
> to check the interface counters of all uplink interfaces (some 'data', some
> 'voice').
> Do I really need a separate snmp-uplink inside the instance 'voice' or am I
> able to configure an access-list or something else to do this cross-connect?
> My current configurations looks like this:
> snmp {
>     view if-only {
>         oid .;
>     }
>     community temporary-ro  {
>         view if-only;
>         authorization read-only;
>         clients {
>   ;
>         }
>         routing-instance l3vpn-data;
>     }
>     routing-instance-access;
> }

as long as you've got 

 snmp {

you can use "<routing-instance>@<community>" as community when querying
a specific routing-instance.  E.g.

  snmpwalk -v2c -c voice at public myrouter ifName

to get a list of interface names in the "voice" routing-instance of
"myrouter" using the "public" community.


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