[j-nsp] J series users bitten by the massive memory useincrease with flow mode add, please file jtac cases.

Pavel Lunin plunin at senetsy.ru
Thu Jul 22 16:27:21 EDT 2010

Hi Chris,

The entire SRX product line (branch and high-end) covers the performance
> spectrum across M and MX series but were created specifically as
> purpose-built security devices and therefore should be implemented as such.

Let me clarify the claim a little bit. The problem is that by the moment
when Juniper decieded to close old good packet branch for J and rename JUNOS
ES to just JUNOS for J series (we all know this was actually done mainly to
keep 1-1-1 story with no sub-branches) a lot of people had already been
running J series for plain routing purposes. In many cases they ran ISP
oriented features, sometimes NAT + MPLS, etc.

We can discuss and argue till forever, was the idea of choosing this way
good or no, but they just had been doing so. And since 9.4 a lot of them
suffer from this memory leak issue.

This is a very common claim and dissatisfaction source. I talk to customers
who want a cheap device capable to run full BGP to forward few hundred megs
approximately twice a month. Both enterprise and ISP. We are able to
convince most of them that they should not do what they want to do (mainly
they want a very bad sort of network architecture), but anyway there is a
demand for this.

Some of old customers, who have implemented J series as plain routers, still
come for new boxes today and get really surprised that there are huge
changes in what they are used to deal with.

Only thing, that we can tell them, is that 9.3 is an EEOL release, which has
EOE in 2011 and EOL in 2012. So those who just want packet-based J series
can stay there for some time.


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