[j-nsp] J series users bitten by the massive memory useincrease with flow mode add, please file jtac cases.

Richard A Steenbergen ras at e-gerbil.net
Thu Jul 22 18:43:11 EDT 2010

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 12:27:21AM +0400, Pavel Lunin wrote:
> Let me clarify the claim a little bit. The problem is that by the 
> moment when Juniper decieded to close old good packet branch for J and 
> rename JUNOS ES to just JUNOS for J series (we all know this was 
> actually done mainly to keep 1-1-1 story with no sub-branches) a lot 
> of people had already been running J series for plain routing 
> purposes. In many cases they ran ISP oriented features, sometimes NAT 
> + MPLS, etc.

In theory there isn't necessarily anything wrong with this idea... But 
in practice JUNOS-ES is still very buggy and can't be turned into a 
complete replacement for the original JUNOS on the J-series. People 
don't like it when a product that they bought for a certain purpose gets 
pulled out from under them with no workaround or compensation, that 
seems to be the bottom line point that Juniper is missing. Adding a 
mechanism to reduce the memory consumption when you turn off flow mode 
seems to be the least they could do to make it right, and not "that" 

Of course it would have been nice if they had at least left the last 
working code of the old version in a reasonable state too. 9.3 on 
J-series is a complete mess, and the last semi-stable version (8.5) 
doesn't have support for 32-bit ASNs. Obviously engineering resources 
and support for every old product has to come to an end eventually, but 
IMHO Juniper really screwed the pooch by leaving the last working code 
in an unusable state before abandoning it.

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