[j-nsp] JUNOSe multi-topology IS-IS support?

David Monosov davidm at futureinquestion.net
Sat Mar 6 04:14:42 EST 2010

Dear juniper-nsp,

It recently came to my attention that JUNOSe up to and incl. ver. 11.0 appears
to offer no support for multi-topology IS-IS (RFC 5120).

Did other JUNOSe users on this list previously encounter this unfortunate
limitation (or expect to in a planned IPv6 deployment) and would like to
collectively push this issue so that it could gain some momentum within Juniper

Does anyone have any experiences (or ideas) to share on the subject of elegantly
integrating JUNOSe devices into multi-topology IPv4 and IPv6 IS-IS domains
without this feature?

Respectfully yours,

David Monosov

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