[j-nsp] EX Switches - Internet Exchange Points

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Fri Mar 26 07:17:15 EDT 2010


You have a very valid point and to be honest we never found out - ironically
this morning we lost a transit connection which is on a different EX4200
switch and I'm investigating a potentially similar MAC issue.  I'm not sure
yet but I've asked the upstream for detailed MAC information to see if it
could be related.

If I find something concrete I'll be happy to share this back with the list
- was hoping to find someone who had already deployed EX4200's towards
exchange points possibly ... so I could see if they ran into any of this
(which we're presuming most of it is just us learning more about Juniper) 



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On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 08:01:36PM -0400, Paul Stewart wrote:
> Thanks Richard...
> The MAC filtering idea proposed earlier by another friendly person was
> quite helpful and solved the issue.  That Cisco MAC is actually what
> we wanted to see however other MAC's were showing up from the
> intermediary switches along the path (Cisco 7600 - EX4200 - EX4200 -
> EX4200 in this particular case)....
> Solved now thankfully - we like to be friendly to our peers at
> exchange points and I was getting worried ;)

What were the other MACs that you didn't want leaked? The MAC filter is 
a fine workaround, but if your EX's are leaking things they shouldn't be 
I'd like to see that get addressed too. :)

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