[j-nsp] SRX100/2x0 as small MPLS CPE?

Miroslav Georgiev mgeorgiev at spnet.net
Mon Nov 15 09:04:53 EST 2010

You will need GBe with jumbo frame. srx100 is out of the picture.

On 11/15/2010 01:45 PM, Phil Mayers wrote:
> In the recent thread "MPLS in the Access", someone insightfully 
> pointed that the low-end SRX devices run JunOS with full MPLS support, 
> and are way, way cheaper than the various MPLS-CPE switch-type devices 
> that are starting to appear.
> This interests me: we have several sites on 100Mbit LES/WEES circuits, 
> and I have a vision of planting on at site with:
>  1. port 1 - MPLS /31
>  2. port 2 - EoMPLS xconnect
> ...bringing the whole site back to us at layer2 without relying on the 
> intermediate circuits having a MAC table of sufficient size, and 
> hiding ethertypes and so forth. This works for us because there's no 
> inter-VLAN traffic at these sites, due to them being in separate VRFs.
> Can anyone comment on these devices in this or similar roles? In 
> particular, how do they fare in areas such as buffer sizes (to deal 
> with microbursts) and QoS support?
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