[j-nsp] some questions about junipter router and firewall

Smales, Robert Robert.Smales at cw.com
Tue Nov 30 05:26:45 EST 2010

Derek Kwok wrote:

>2/ How can I increase the line in putty? I can't find it in the setting

1. Right click on the title bar of your PuTTY window to call up a menu.

2. The 12th item on the menu is Change Settings. . .  click that.

3. This calls up the PuTTY Reconfiguration window, in the Category list select Window

4. You  now see options to set the size of the window and, the option you want, to control the scrollback in the window, change whatever is the default value for lines of scrollback (600, I think) to 3000 or 4000; if that turns out to be not enough, you can always go back and increase the value.

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