[j-nsp] some questions about junipter router and firewall

Justin M. Streiner streiner at cluebyfour.org
Mon Nov 29 17:51:56 EST 2010

On Mon, 29 Nov 2010, Deric Kwok wrote:

> Thanks for all reply
> 1/ for the | no-more
> It seems it is not working
> get config | no-more
>                                    ^---------unknown keyword no-more

The command I gave you was to view the configuration of a JUNOS device 
from its command line.  I don't know what version of JUNOS the "no-more" 
option was introduced in, but I think it's been around for a while.  It 
looks like maybe that got confused with the steps to get the config 
remotely using SFTP.

You did not specify if the device in question was running JUNOS, ScreenOS, 
or something else, so since you asked about Juniper routers, I assumed 

> 2/ How can I increase the line in putty? I can't find it in the setting

Not sure - I don't use putty very much.  I'd imagine the docs for putty 
would tell you how to do this.

> 3/ How can I enable http in router?
> 4/ Any command can show the firewall status?
> I only know that ipfw -a list in freebsd

3 & 4: Again, are you dealing with a JUNOS device or something else?  If 
it's not a JUNOS device, I'm afraid I can't provide much help, as I don't 
have any Netscreens here.


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