[j-nsp] Accounting-Stop message takes 3 min after Modem disconnect.

Muhammad Rehan rehanrehman45 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 03:16:38 EDT 2011

Dear Team,

can any one have an idea of that if modem poweredoff making a PPPOE session
with Juniper BRAS (dynamic interface is created ,auto-configure), since the
modem is poweroff , BRAS took 3 min(aprox) and then sent Accounting-stop
message to radius , till that time session remains active in radius , so if
multiple session are not allowed by radius and if there is a power flap ,
user has to wait 2 to 3 min to again reauthenticated from radius.

is there any way to decrease this timer of 3 min?

i tried couple of things but they did'nt work for me like

pppoe auto-configure lockout-time 1 30
ip inactivity-timer 1



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