[j-nsp] Accounting-Stop message takes 3 min after Modem disconnect.

Thiago Lizardo thilizardo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 10:14:51 EDT 2011

Hi Muhammad,

You can try to reduce the PPP Keepalive. Follow a briefing from Juniper web site:
    ppp keepalive

Use to specify the keepalive timeout value.
High-density keepalive mode is automatically selected if PPP is layered over ATM, L2TP, or PPPoE. Low-density mode is selected if PPP is layered over an HDLC interface. Keepalive mode selection is made per interface.
High-density mode - mode of operation known as smart keepalive; disabled when the keepalive timer expires, the interface first checks to see if any frames were received from the peer in the prior keepalive timeout interval. If so, it assumes the peer is alive and well and does not send an LCP echo request (keepalive). Keepalive packets are sent only if the peer is silent (no traffic was received from the peer during the previous keepalive timeout interval). If both sides are configured with keepalive, receipt of an LCP echo request by one end suppresses the transmission of an LCP echo request by that end.mode of operation known as smart keepalive. Smart keepalive is disabled when the keepalive timeout value is at least 60 seconds, even when in high-density mode. Smart keepalive is always disabled when in low-density mode. This mode suppresses transmission of unnecessary LCP echo requests.
For high-density keepalive mode, the range is 30-300 seconds. The default value is 30 seconds.
Low-density mode - mode of operation. When the keepalive timer expires, the interface always sends an LCP echo request, regardless of whether the peer is silent.
For low-density keepalive mode - range is 10-300 seconds; default value is 30 seconds.
If the keepalive interval is 30 seconds, a failed link is detected between 90 and 120 seconds after failure.
host1(config-if)#ppp keepalive 50
Use the no version to disable keepalive.
Best Regards,

Thiago Lizardo de Moraes
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Em 18/08/2011, às 04:16, Muhammad Rehan <rehanrehman45 at gmail.com> escreveu:

> Dear Team,
> can any one have an idea of that if modem poweredoff making a PPPOE session
> with Juniper BRAS (dynamic interface is created ,auto-configure), since the
> modem is poweroff , BRAS took 3 min(aprox) and then sent Accounting-stop
> message to radius , till that time session remains active in radius , so if
> multiple session are not allowed by radius and if there is a power flap ,
> user has to wait 2 to 3 min to again reauthenticated from radius.
> is there any way to decrease this timer of 3 min?
> i tried couple of things but they did'nt work for me like
> pppoe auto-configure lockout-time 1 30
> ip inactivity-timer 1
> Regards
> MR
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