[j-nsp] traffic load balancing between Juniper and Cisco equipment

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Mon Aug 22 19:27:23 EDT 2011

These answers aren't all that helpful.  MLPPP is out of the question, these are two different providers.  Using an E/IGP is not likely on ADSL circuits, providers simply don't support it (although BGP would be the typical answer to this problem, with it you could then announce one IP range over two providers with fail-over and load-balancing "built-in")

Your only realistic answer is some sort of NAT with default routes pointing to both providers.  Your NAT box would keep state, sending connections out different providers but keeping track of which IP they are translated to (and keeping it there) once each translation is established.  Some trick is necessary to get rid of a provider's default route if they stop responding.  With enough tcp sessions you could max out both ADSL links.  But, for incoming traffic, users will need to know public IPs from both of your providers, there's no way around that short of a 3rd party proxy service.

Martin T [m4rtntns at gmail.com] wrote:
> Is it possible to load-balance traffic between a Juniper M10i and
> Cisco 1812 using two different last-mile(ADSL2+) providers? Topology
> should be like this:
> http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/8766/loadb.png
> Idea is to use both ADSL2+ links simultaneously in order to achieve
> better speed. In case on of the link fails, the traffic should use the
> available ADSL2+ path. Is such load-balancing doable using the Juniper
> PE router and Cisco CPE? If yes, what are the optimal/easiest
> technologies to achieve the goals I described?
> regards,
> martin
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