[j-nsp] SRX650 Failover Test Issue

Pavel Lunin plunin at senetsy.ru
Wed Mar 23 13:05:08 EDT 2011

2011/3/23 Chen Jiang <ilovebgp4 at gmail.com>

> It's a by design behavior. When control link or fabric link disconnected,
> the current  RG0 master node will remain in master status but the current
> RG0 backup node will disable itself to avoid split-brain issue, "Disable"
> means the node will offline all SPC/NPC and Line Card. And only reboot the
> whole chassis could recovery the node.
Right but the question is slightly different: whether it's possible to
reboot it not having access to its console.

I don't have a lab ready for testing right now but AFAIR fxp0 is still
active for a disabled node even on branch (all the more so for high-end,
since it's directly on RE there). Moreover "request routing-engine login
node X" should also be available.

By now I don't really remember the details but there is absolutely no doubt,
it's possible to access a disable node throughout the network, not only on
console. About half a year ago we've run into an bug in 10.0R2 causing
losses of heartbeats on control link and consequent regular failovers and
node disabling. No doubt it was possible to reboot the disabled node without
having access to console.

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