[j-nsp] several vlans under one vpls routing instance

Stefan Fouant sfouant at shortestpathfirst.net
Tue May 3 12:49:14 EDT 2011

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> here is my encapsulation:
> > show configuration interfaces xe-5/0/0
> per-unit-scheduler;
> flexible-vlan-tagging;
> mtu 4700;
> encapsulation flexible-ethernet-services;

IIRC, you don't need flexible-vlan-tagging unless you intend on supporting
single-tagged and dual-tagged 802.1Q frames.

I think you should be able to accomplish what you are trying to do using
simple vlan-tagging.  Also, for encapsulation, try 'vlan-vpls' instead.
Last but not least, I think there are some restrictions in terms of the VLAN
range that you can use on 10 Gig interfaces, you might want to try using
VLANs in the range above 512 on your xe-5/0/0 interface.  I don't have time
to reference the docs so I am going on memory here, but you might want to
double check the docs to be safe.


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