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You could use the EX to do this.   However, you will need additional EXs to connect to the existing switches with the RVIs.  Terminate your WAN into a "WAN" EX (assuming its ethernet handoff) and then connect this EX into your existing infrastructure via ethernet trunk.

You have two options on the WAN EX:

1.  Q-in-Q
2.  Pseudowires

A more robust and feature-rich options would be the MX.  Then you could provide VPLS and Layer 3 services at the edge of your data center of your L2 WAN...

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I have a question regarding MPLS on ex-series. I have a situation where i
need to connect several data centers
together. I have never worked with MPLS before but my idea is to use
MPLS to transport VLANs between the data centers. An example: a customer is
located in it's own VRF and we
use VLAN/RVI for servers and client networks, now I wan't to connect my core
in DC1 to my core in DC2, is
MPLS the right way to go? The data centers will be connected with multiple
connections. I read somewhere
that I can't use family ccc if the vlan has an RVI, is that correct?

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