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Cristiano Monteiro crmonteir at gmail.com
Thu May 12 14:30:30 EDT 2011


I think the pdf is still a good design but as the rest of the guys said is
only available on MX platforms.

Today DCI (Datacenter Interconnection)  is a big challenge, applications
such as vmotion requires the same subnet be extended trough many sites. VPLS
is one of the options as well MPLS L2VPN or proprietary stuff like OTV from

 I´m not aware of another operational option from Juniper  besides  VPLS.
However  I saw in the last year some efforts from Juniper  guys to solve the
problem with a new technology  BGP MAC  VPLS. It still a draft and I didn´t
see around in the last Junos Versions. Maybe we can see new developments

See draft below



Cristiano Monteiro

2011/5/12 Johan Borch <johan.borch at gmail.com>

> Thanks for all replies!
> Interesting document, is the design described in the document still a good
> design today and a few year ahead? :)
> Regards
> Johan
> On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 3:34 PM, Cristiano Monteiro <crmonteir at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Maybe this link helps you
>> http://www.juniper.net/us/en/local/pdf/implementation-guides/8010050-en.pdf
>> Best Regards,
>> Cristiano Monteiro
>> 2011/5/12 Johan Borch <johan.borch at gmail.com>
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a question regarding MPLS on ex-series. I have a situation where i
>>> need to connect several data centers
>>> together. I have never worked with MPLS before but my idea is to use
>>> MPLS to transport VLANs between the data centers. An example: a customer
>>> is
>>> located in it's own VRF and we
>>> use VLAN/RVI for servers and client networks, now I wan't to connect my
>>> core
>>> in DC1 to my core in DC2, is
>>> MPLS the right way to go? The data centers will be connected with
>>> multiple
>>> connections. I read somewhere
>>> that I can't use family ccc if the vlan has an RVI, is that correct?
>>> Regards
>>> Johan
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