[j-nsp] JUNOS major releases - differences between revisions

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Hello there,
There are _no_ single release notes doc for 10.4
Link to 10.4R3 release notes 
Link to 10.4R4 release notes 
And you can find all previous and current 10.4 release notes docs (note 
plural) - 10.4R1, 10.4R2, 10.4R3 and 10.4R4 - on this page

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> Hi all,
> I feel like a bit of a newbie asking this (and, relatively speaking, I
> am!) because it feels like something that should be fairly
> straight-forward. And maybe it is.
> Q: Is there a way to determine what has changed between two revisions
> of a major JUNOS release?
> For argument's sake, how do I find out precisely what changed between
> 10.4R3 and 10.4R4?
> The release notes for 10.4 don't spell it out very clearly. I suppose
> I could look just at the outstanding and resolved issues sections of
> the release notes but I'm not even sure how I can go back and look at
> the 10.4 release notes at the time the previous revision was released.
> A 'single' 10.4 release note exists and is simply revised when a new
> revision to the major release goes out.
> I know (in theory) there shouldn't be any new features between
> revisions -- just bug fixes. I'm more familiar navigating cisco IOS
> release notes where, even between maintenance releases, it's made
> fairly clear what has changed.
> Cheers,
> Dale
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