[j-nsp] netflow sampling problem in 10.2

Chris Tracy ctracy at es.net
Thu May 19 15:45:58 EDT 2011

>> I'd try changing this to:
>> [ remove family inet {...}, put directly under sampling { ... } ]
> Thank you for the hint,
> but this is the old style from pre-IPv6 era ;-) I thought the "cflowd ..." has been forgotten by now.

Not like it will matter anyways with v5 RE-based sampling.  :-)

I just went through some of my notes.  9.6 introduced a whole bunch of changes with the way sampling is configured, especially with v9 using an MS-DPC.  I had forgotten about the change from cflowd to flow-server.

You are not seeing "## Warning: 'output' is deprecated" when you show the config, are you?


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