[j-nsp] RE : Missing interface ID in RE based sflow export from M7i

david.roy at orange-ftgroup.com david.roy at orange-ftgroup.com
Sat May 21 12:19:26 EDT 2011


Maybe you hit this recent PR  :

JUNOS Problem Report Information
NUMBER 	598135
STATE 	open
SYNOPSIS 	CFLOW records have interface index as 0 for any interfaces with index greater than 8192
RELEASE NOTE 	Maximum number of service IFL's supported on M320 platform are 8192
ARRIVAL DATE 	2011-04-05 18:53:47
LAST MODIFIED 	2011-04-19 04:06:36


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Date d'envoi : samedi 21 mai 2011 14:07
À : juniper-nsp at puck.nether.net
Objet : [j-nsp] Missing interface ID in RE based sflow export from M7i


I  am testing the RE based flow export from my Juniper M7i running
9.2R2.15 , for some reason my flow analyzer wrapped up all the flows in
instance 0 interface for all the flows exported, at the same time all
the export from all the Cisco is working and showing up perfectly.

Upon investigating the sflow packets through wireshark, it is found that
all the captured sflow frames from M7i has  Input interface and Output
interface information id is "0"  thus Interface ID is not exported. Is
this the know issue or are there any configuration miss? any workaround
or fix?


Wireshark output:

> pdu 1/29
  SrcAddr: 202.xx.xx.xx (202.xx.xx.xx)
  DstAddr: 195.xx.xx.xx (195.xx.xx.xx)
  NextHop: 125.xx.xx.xx (125.xx.xx.xx)
  InputInt: 0  <---------- here...
  OutputInt: 0 <---------- here...
  Packets: 1
  Octets: 48
> [Duration:0.000000000 seconds]
  SrcPort: 48129
  DstPort: 28158
  TCP Flags: 0x00
  Protocol: 17
 IP Tos: 0x00


interfaces {
ge-1/3/0 {
unit 0 {
   family inet {
          filter {
                 input all;
                 output all;
          address 202.xx.xx.xx/26;
          address 202.xx.xx.xx/27;

firewall {
filter all {
term all {
   then {

forwarding-options {
sampling {
input {
   family inet {
          rate 100;
output {
   cflowd  202.xxx.xxx.xxx{
          port 2055;
          version 5;
       flow-inactive-timeout 15;
       flow-active-timeout 60;


Chassis                                       M7i
Midplane              REV 05           M7i Midplane
Power Supply 0   Rev 05            AC Power Supply
Routing Engine    REV 01          RE-850
CFEB                  REV 08           Internet Processor II
FPC 0                                         E-FPC
  PIC 0                 REV 09           1x G/E, 1000 BASE-SX
FPC 1                                         E-FPC
  PIC 2                 BUILTIN         1x Tunnel
  PIC 3                REV 08           1x G/E, 1000 BASE
    Xcvr 0                                     SFP-SX
Fan Tray                                     Rear Fan Tray



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