[j-nsp] Multiple pseudowires between the same two sites

Alexander Frolkin avf at eldamar.org.uk
Fri May 27 15:26:19 EDT 2011


First of all, apologies for the possibly newbie questions, but I'm an
MPLS newbie. :-)

I have three VLANs on site A that I want to extend to site B using MPLS.

So far, I've found three different ways of doing this:

  1. single VPLS instance with VLAN tags across the core;
  2. single L2VPN routing instance with each VLAN having a unique pair
     of site-identifiers, one for each end;
  3. one L2VPN routing instance per pseudowire with the same
     site-identifiers in each instance.

Method 1 seems to be the simplest in terms of config, but didn't work
properly because of what looks like some crazy bug.

Method 2 produces dodgy-looking 'show l2vpn connections' output, with
lots of (non-existent) connections in state 'OR'.

As for method 3, it doesn't feel quite right to me that I need to have a
separate routing instance per pseudowire, although I could be completely

I'm using BGP and RSVP on SRX, if that makes a difference.

I can understand the difference between 2 and 3 in terms of the BGP
routes (varying the route distinguisher or varying the site IDs), but I
don't have enough experience to decide which of the three methods is the
right one to use.

If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be very
useful. :-)



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