[j-nsp] JunosE PPPOE Configuration Problem

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Hi Gents,

Can you rewrite realms for specific users on the juniper ERX bras?

So for example jon1 at realm1.be can be rewritten before passed to radius as jon1 at realm2.be  so at a username level?

Thanks in advance.


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A quirk of JUNOSe is that if you assign a static ip with framed-ip-address via RADIUS, you need to return DNS servers also by radius. it's been that way since day dot IIRC.


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Thank you...


I tried that again just in case but no success.  It's strange how it works with dynamic IP subscribers and not static IP subscribers as we don't have it in our Radius configuration at all.  Having said that, dynamic IP's are assigned directly by the ERX and static IP customers are assigned via Framed IP attribute in Radius.  On our Cisco platforms we added IPCP options that always worked regarding of dynamic/static assignment.


profile test

ip virtual-router default

ip unnumbered loopback 0

ip mtu 1492

ip sa-validate

ip tcp adjust-mss 1460

ppp authentication virtual-router default pap

ppp keepalive 120

ppp fragmentation

ppp reassembly

vlan auto-configure pppoe


virtual-router default

aaa authentication atm1483 default radius

aaa accounting atm1483 default radius

aaa authentication ip default radius

aaa accounting ip default radius

aaa authentication ipsec default radius

aaa accounting ipsec default radius

aaa dns primary

aaa dns secondary

aaa user accounting interval 10

aaa authentication ppp default radius

aaa accounting ppp default radius


Authentication/Accounting are working perfectly as are the dynamic/static IP assignments - it's just the lack of DNS assignment for static IP subscribers that is puzzling me...


Take care,





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Hi Paul,


You can use this config: "aaa dns primary <DNS server IP>"

Best Regards,

Thiago Lizardo de Moraes

2011/9/9 Paul Stewart <paul at paulstewart.org>

Hi folks.

Working on a lab configuration with an ERX box.  When a PPPOE user connects and has  dynamic assignment, they get all attributes they require (ie. DNS servers).

When we do a static IP assignment to a username, they get no DNS assignments.  In the Cisco world, this was configured via the IPCP options and pushed down.

In the ERX configuration I tried to add "ppp ipcp prompt-option dns" under the default profile (which is what we're using at the moment) and this didn't solve the issue.

Is that the way that command is supposed to work?

Is there a way to have the ERX push down a specific DNS configuration when a user connections (which works on dynamic accounts) or do you have to assign the DNS via Radius attributes on static IP customers?

Thanks very much,


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