[j-nsp] out of band management - real OOB

Chris Evans chrisccnpspam2 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 08:14:51 EDT 2011

Juniper devices have out of band ethernet ports, but have the HUGE HUGE
downfall of being in the main routing table conflicting with every other
route. This limits it usage, however a work around is to put the FXP
interface into a logical system (on support devices). This has downfalls
too, but its better than nothing. Unfortunately Juniper hasn't gotten this
clue yes, every other vendor I've used recently has full vrf/logical system
support for their OOB interfaces keeping them out of the main routing table.

One main downfall I'm running into is that I cannot copy or install software
using the FXP port as my source for traffic. Does anyone know of a command
that will allow me to select the logical system? The current commands don't
seem to allow routing instances or logical systems to be specified.

Something like: file copy logical-system:MGMT:ftp://blah/blah..

Anyone have any other workarounds.  Thanks!

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