[j-nsp] SRX & MPLS

Johan Borch johan.borch at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 10:29:32 EDT 2012


I have a design question regarding MPLS.

I'm planning to create a MPLS rings with 4-8 SRX240 devices in packet mode
and the main purpose is L3VPN/VPLS

p1-p2-p3-p4-p5-p1 (p5 connects back to p1)

My budget is low for this and the srx240 is cheap, we will push max 1Gbps.

For example in some sites there will be two SRX and the plan is to use
these two as P/PE and use VRRP for customer equipment. At the same time
they will be P routers for other sites.

Example site:

             \  /
    Customer equipment

Do I make any sense? Will this work? :)


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