[j-nsp] MX960 flow-server configuration with logical systems

Bao Nguyen ngqbao at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 13:53:42 EDT 2012


I'm running a MX960 and have been testing exporting flows to an
external nfdump server using netflow version 5 and everything appeared
to be working fine. I have multiple logical-systems running on this
MX960, I can filter traffic for a particular logical system but is
there any way only send this filtered traffic to a specific
flow-server instead of to all the flow servers? I need to segment the
flow and since the flow configuration is configured at the root level
and sampling on an interface only has option for input/output but
doesn't appear to let one sample to a certain location...

bnguyen at router# show forwarding-options sampling
input {
    rate 500;
    run-length 5;
family inet {
    output {
        flow-server <a.b.c.d> {
            port 23457;
            autonomous-system-type origin;
            source-address <a.b.c.d>;
            version 5;

# interface configuration
<interface> {
    unit 4 {
        vlan-id 4;
        family inet {
            sampling {


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