[j-nsp] Load balance on AE MX960

Abel Alejandro aalejandro at worldnetpr.com
Thu Aug 30 21:07:27 EDT 2012


I have a pair of MX960 with a simple l2circuit connection. My two PE-PE
interfaces are load sharing the traffic almost perfectly.
However the CE interfaces, which are aggregated interfaces, are only
using one link for egress.

             +---------+                            +---------+       
CE1  --- ae4 | MX960-1 | --- xe-1/1/1 ---- xe-1/1/1 | MX960-1 | --- ae0
--- CE2
             +---------+ -- xe-11/1/1 --- xe-11/1/1 +---------+

In this instance, the XE interfaces are load sharing right, while the
ae4 and ae0 are not.

Any ideas?


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