[j-nsp] 10.4R9 on MX stable?

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Fri Feb 17 21:21:02 EST 2012

Hey Jack..

That's interesting about 11.2 on MX80 - just ran into a series of issues
with MX80 on subscriber management (PPPOE in this case).  We went with
latest 11.4 release (needed features only available in that release so we
thought) and ran into weird "TFEB throttling issues" of which there is a
known PR applicable to the MX240/MX480/MX960 but told the PR isn't for MX80.
Waited for a week with Juniper to suggest a resolution and went to 11.2S
release only to have the same TFEB problem (exactly same issue as PR covers)
- Juniper again unable to resolve so went to 10.2R release and that solved
the TFEB issue, only to be hit with a bunch of other problems still pending
resolution from Juniper... these latest issues involved CPU load average
sitting around 4.5 and 90% memory utilization as soon as we turned up about
1300 PPPOE subscribers - other issues as well.

It's frustrating when the current release on the MX80 that is recommended is
exactly what we're trying to run and it's been a disaster to be honest... 9
days at a customer site and still no solid answers on how to get these
problems resolved.


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On 2/17/2012 10:27 AM, Paul Stewart wrote:
> Thanks..
> We're also ok with going to an 11.x release if there's a such thing as 
> a "golden release" in the 11.x code...;)

I had to jump to 11.2 for static units with auto-configure on the same
interface on an MX80 for subscriber services. Running into a slew of
problems, although it is at least operational and doing what it needs to do.
11.x makes me cringe, but unfortunately I require features. I'm running a 4
problem ticket right now on it, from slow dns resolver to delays on show
interface displaying the logical units, to race conditions causing issues
between auto-configure and configuring static units (they didn't have the
static units override existing auto-configured units that shared the same
vlan), to sampled eating filedescriptors until the box runs out if it is
configured even if not applied to an interface.

My mx80s and mx960s running 10.4R7.5 have been stable so far, although I did
notice some weirdness sometimes withe the ae setups (when the AE was first
brought up, isis came up, arp worked, but ping/bgp did not; disable/enable
fixed it and it has stayed stable so far, but I don't trust it).


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