[j-nsp] CoS - DSCP Markings

Chris Kawchuk juniperdude at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 04:46:56 EDT 2012

> You should be classifying on ingress. 
> Classification is only for 'internal' treatment. Then you do rewrite on egress interface

Actually, You can apply multifield classifiers either at ingress or egress. Either way works fine; unless the traffic itself is sourced from the RE (bug in MX).

The config actually looks correct a first glance (filling in the missing pieces in my mind, of the stanzas that I assume that are there, like a scheduler-map against interface ae1 so you're not using the default 2-queues..), and assuming this is transiting traffic.

Try doing a:

then {
       loss-priority low;
       forwarding-class FWDCLASS;
       count matched-a-packet;

then "show firewall" to see if the counter increases (and hence you're actually matching the correct source IP).

what does 'show interfaces ae1 extensive show' for forwarding class 5? (in terms of byte counts). i.e. clear the counters first, then run some traffic through it, and ensure the outgoing traffic gets queued up in fwding class 5.

Feel free to contact me offline as well.

- CK.

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