[j-nsp] SRX IPSEC performance

Devin Kennedy devinkennedy415 at hotmail.com
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Hi Ashish:

I recently tested the SRX3400 for IPsec tunnel setup rates and was able to
setup 3600 tunnels using IxVPN testing tool.  I only sent traffic across the
tunnels for 1 minute but the testing was successful.  We were running 4x SPC
and 2xNPC in our configuration.  We were using one GE WAN interface as well.
Our primary purpose was just to test that number of IPsec tunnels that we
needed for a future implementation.  


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Hi All,

Has anyone here done IPSEC performance tests for SRX3k and share your
Juniper claims that with 1400bytes of packet with 2SPC and 1NPC VPN
throughput is 3Gbps. How much have you achieved?

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