[j-nsp] SRX IPSEC performance

Mike Devlin gossamer at meeksnet.ca
Sat Sep 15 22:49:20 EDT 2012

So i have personally achieved 1.6G throughput per SPC on and SRX3600 on
10.4R9.2 code line.

I was required to push 3.5G from a single source, which required the use of
a hidden command in what i remember being the gateway config.

i also had to pop out to the shell, and use "kmd -T ip1:ip2"

The ips required here are those of the IKE association.  We in the end,
needed 2 IPs on both sides to split the traffic across 3 SPCs, and it
required substantial planning to get these numbers.

Going to 12 code, which i never got to test, i had an elaborate plan to
attempt equal cost load balancing across multiple IPSEC VPNs on 5800s, but
was unfortunately laid off before i got to work out the finer details of it.

On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 8:49 AM, Devin Kennedy
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> Hi Ashish:
> I recently tested the SRX3400 for IPsec tunnel setup rates and was able to
> setup 3600 tunnels using IxVPN testing tool.  I only sent traffic across
> the
> tunnels for 1 minute but the testing was successful.  We were running 4x
> and 2xNPC in our configuration.  We were using one GE WAN interface as
> well.
> Our primary purpose was just to test that number of IPsec tunnels that we
> needed for a future implementation.
> Devin
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> Hi All,
> Has anyone here done IPSEC performance tests for SRX3k and share your
> results?
> Juniper claims that with 1400bytes of packet with 2SPC and 1NPC VPN
> throughput is 3Gbps. How much have you achieved?
> Ashish
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