[j-nsp] MX80 bridge-domain QinQ question

Doug Hanks dhanks at juniper.net
Wed Sep 19 16:07:57 EDT 2012

Use a SP-style IFL using 802.1ad for telco. Use a SP-style IFL using
802.1q for the EX4200. The BD will automatically pop and push tags for you.

Does that help?

On 9/19/12 1:00 PM, "Jeff Wheeler" <jsw at inconcepts.biz> wrote:

>Dear List,
>I am having trouble figuring out how to configure a bridge-domain setup
>customer traffic with QinQ outer-tags on some interfaces, but not all.  My
>topology is as follows:
>CE---telco network---MX80---EX4200---CE
>In this case, the vlans between MX80 and EX4200 are single-tagged; but an
>outer-tag must be pushed toward the telco to direct them to the customer
>site.  This is possible by creating a distinct bridge-domain, and logical
>interfaces, per each CVLAN.  However, it will not work with vlan-id-lists
>or similar, which may allow me to avoid all that extra config per CVLAN.
> Various restrictions on when input/output-vlan-map can be used, etc.
>prevent me from configuring it.
>Obviously the savvy thing to do is simply push an outer tag using the
>EX4200, which then may be swapped as needed; but is it possible to
>configure this as I want, without distinct bridge-domain and logical units
>per each CVLAN?  The restriction against doing push/pop operations on
>tags when vlan-id-list is in use seem to be stopping me.  FYI I have tried
>on 10.4 and 11.4 boxes, so I do have interface-mode trunk; but it is
>unhelpful given the push/pop limits.
>Jeff S Wheeler <jsw at inconcepts.biz>
>Sr Network Operator  /  Innovative Network Concepts
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