[j-nsp] Best-site VPLS convergence feature in Junos 12.2?

Clarke Morledge chmorl at wm.edu
Thu Sep 27 15:14:37 EDT 2012

I see that there is a new "best-site" feature in Junos 12.2 for improving 
the convergence time in VPLS multi-homed environments:


The site-preference election method for determining the primary vs. backup 
site uses BGP signalling so that the PEs can select the highest value to 
indicate which site will actively handle traffic in order to prevent 
loops, thus making the non-primary site passive.  In our experience, if 
you commit a PE configuration with a higher site value, VPLS converges 
quicker than when you commit a PE configuration with a lower site value. 
So perhaps the new "best-site" feature might help.

But operationally, it looks like the old site-preference and "best-site" 
methods for determining the primary are pretty much the same.  Am I 
missing something?   Does the "best-site" method really improve 
convergence, and if so, how so?

Clarke Morledge
College of William and Mary
Information Technology - Network Engineering
Jones Hall (Room 18)
Williamsburg VA 23187

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