[j-nsp] Best-site VPLS convergence feature in Junos 12.2?

Per Granath per.granath at gcc.com.cy
Fri Sep 28 04:57:45 EDT 2012

It seems also "mac-flush" is now available with BGP based VPLS - before that was only supposed to work with LDP based.

Possibly that is a more important improvement.

> I see that there is a new "best-site" feature in Junos 12.2 for improving the
> convergence time in VPLS multi-homed environments:
> http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/junos12.2/topics/example/vpls-
> multihoming-convergence-example.html
> The site-preference election method for determining the primary vs. backup
> site uses BGP signalling so that the PEs can select the highest value to
> indicate which site will actively handle traffic in order to prevent loops, thus
> making the non-primary site passive.  In our experience, if you commit a PE
> configuration with a higher site value, VPLS converges quicker than when you
> commit a PE configuration with a lower site value.
> So perhaps the new "best-site" feature might help.
> But operationally, it looks like the old site-preference and "best-site"
> methods for determining the primary are pretty much the same.  Am I
> missing something?   Does the "best-site" method really improve
> convergence, and if so, how so?

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