[j-nsp] Config help for basic MPLS setup

Abdullah Baheer abdullahbaheer at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 30 05:17:44 EDT 2012

Sorry for the confusion, yeah RSVP/CCC... no LDP on EX, at least not in the version that we were running (9.x)

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Really? Wow. !

That must be new that the EX4200 supports LDP. 

Which version of JunOS did they add LDP support into the 32/42 EX-series?

Just tried checking the JNPR website and the data sheets. All I can find officially is RSVP/CCC support. Let me know where you spotted that. That opens up an entire avenue for Metro-E Deployments versus using MX or ACX series.

- CK.

On 2012-09-26, at 6:54 PM, Abdullah Baheer <abdullahbaheer at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Actually Chris, in my experience, i think you must have LDP to run LSP/CCC on ex-4200, cough.. cough...

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