[j-nsp] Config archive subtleties

Per Westerlund p1 at westerlund.se
Wed Aug 7 14:06:23 EDT 2013


If you then augment the basic timed polling setup with SNMP-triggered polling, you can have every committed config backed up, and have a timed poll as backup in case there is some problems with the SNMP traps.


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7 aug 2013 kl. 18:03 skrev Phil Mayers <p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk>:

> All,
> For several years, we've used "system archival configuration" in "on-commit" mode, to backup each commit to a separate file on an sftp/scp server, then check them individually into subversion.
> Recently this fell apart on us, as the SSH key on the server changed and the archival transfers started to silently[1] fail.
> While trying to write a nagios check for outstanding archive transfers, I then discovered that in some circumstances, the archival config will give up and discard a file - I had assumed it would queue them forever, but apparently not in some cases (e.g. 3 successive failures with bad username/password).
> All of which has me wondering if the feature is more trouble than it's worth.
> What do other people do? It seems like it would be a nice feature to preserve the commits and so forth, but if it's not robust, maybe it's just misleading.
> Cheers,
> Phil
> [1] It did log en entry into /var/log/messages, but TBH JunOS logs so much crap there, we don't do anything with those logs...
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