[j-nsp] L2Circuit VLAN-CCC EX4550

Giuliano Medalha giuliano at wztech.com.br
Fri Aug 23 08:25:31 EDT 2013


We have an issue when implementing vlan-CCC in JUNIPER EX4550 switches.

When we put the port like the following mode:

set interfaces xe-0/0/10 encapsulation vlan-ccc
set interfaces xe-0/0/10 vlan-tagging
set interfaces xe-0/0/10 unit 600 vlan-id 600

When we close L2Circuit with non-JUNIPER switches (like cisco or extreme)
the EX4550 is doing a kind of POP in Ethernet framing removing the VLAN-ID
(frames incoming xe-0/0/10 port).

The communication cannot be established with the neighbor switch.

Using MX series at the same environment there is no problems and the
behavior is correct (the 802.1Q label entering the port is not altered).

Do you think there is some kind of bug on JUNOS code for EX4550 ?

Or this behavior can be modified ?

Thanks a lot,


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