[j-nsp] MPLS PEs out in the last-mile

Will Orton will at loopfree.net
Thu Aug 29 14:27:42 EDT 2013

I have found recently that we are pushing MPLE PE's closer and closer
out towards some customers, which means sometimes across flaky RF and
DSL last-mile type connections. Usually this is with small SRX's, to
provide a managed-endpoint for L2VPN over nasty last-mile topology.

Is there some way to have a PE hanging out in the breeze without 
setting it up directly in my IGP? I don't really want last-mile IGP
churn from hundreds of "micro-PEs" in my network.

Does it work to build the MPLS LSPs to endpoints learned over BGP
instead of an IGP, since I need BGP to the local POP's RRs for L2VPN
NLRI anyway?

I'm waiting on some junosphere credits to test this out but thought
I'd ask what others are doing.


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