[j-nsp] MPLS PEs out in the last-mile

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Fri Aug 30 07:16:09 EDT 2013

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> Subject: [j-nsp] MPLS PEs out in the last-mile
> Is there some way to have a PE hanging out in the breeze without
> setting it up directly in my IGP? I don't really want last-mile IGP
> churn from hundreds of "micro-PEs" in my network.

Not sure what type of provider you work for, whether it be "this is what you get, deal with it" or "we'll do anything within reason to provide the service and win the business against someone larger", but one solution to this exact problem that we implemented was Carrier-of-Carriers VPN.  We basically build the customer their own L3VPN as though they are a VPN service provider, then create L2VPNs within that, either to a corresponding SRX at their other remote site, or to a "customer" logical system on an edge router.  

It may not be pretty and certainly may not be the best way to do this, but it works well, prevents the CPE from participating in our IGP, and so far has been stable.


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