[j-nsp] Old JUNOS images removed from download page

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Wed Jan 30 07:38:41 EST 2013


For EX, 11.4R5.5 is the JTAC-recommended version for most models. It
appears to have been pulled from the download page, and have been
replaced with a 11.4R5.7 that was released on the 28th of January - same
date as the 11.4R6.6 version. This is also the case for the 11.4 MX images.

JTAC-recommended 10.4R8.5 image for MX has also vanished, replaced by
one 10.4R8.6, also dated the 28th of January. Same release date as
10.4R11.5 and 10.4R12.4.

12.1R4.8 for MX was, according to the download page, released six days
*after* the latest(?) version 12.1R5.5...

Anyone have any idea what's going on here? I'm really starting to worry
that there is some critical undisclosed vulnerability in the removed

Also 12.2R3.5 for EX4500 just gives me a 404 error.

Tore Anderson

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