[j-nsp] Old JUNOS images removed from download page

Per Westerlund p1 at westerlund.se
Wed Jan 30 14:24:07 EST 2013

Probably the response to the vulnerabilities described in PSN-2013-01-823, "Crafted TCP packet can lead to kernel crash". (PR 839412)


30 jan 2013 kl. 13:38 skrev Tore Anderson <tore at fud.no>:

> Hi,
> For EX, 11.4R5.5 is the JTAC-recommended version for most models. It
> appears to have been pulled from the download page, and have been
> replaced with a 11.4R5.7 that was released on the 28th of January - same
> date as the 11.4R6.6 version. This is also the case for the 11.4 MX images.
> JTAC-recommended 10.4R8.5 image for MX has also vanished, replaced by
> one 10.4R8.6, also dated the 28th of January. Same release date as
> 10.4R11.5 and 10.4R12.4.
> 12.1R4.8 for MX was, according to the download page, released six days
> *after* the latest(?) version 12.1R5.5...
> Anyone have any idea what's going on here? I'm really starting to worry
> that there is some critical undisclosed vulnerability in the removed
> versions...
> Also 12.2R3.5 for EX4500 just gives me a 404 error.
> -- 
> Tore Anderson
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