[j-nsp] RIB -> FIB filtering.

Dobbins, Roland rdobbins at arbor.net
Wed Nov 13 08:24:21 EST 2013

On Nov 13, 2013, at 8:16 PM, Adam Vitkovsky <adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk> wrote:

> Though you'd still have to use table-map in order avoid installing these valid prefixes into RIB.

I guess I'm thinking of a scenario with a dedicated blackhole triggger-router, iBGP from the trigger routers to routers within my own network where I want to drop traffic, and eBGP multi-hop from the trigger route to each of the appropriate routers on the upstream transit networks.  No need to worry about the RIB on the trigger router, and community-based tagging and filtering can ensure that these particular blackhole routes never make it into my own routers in my own iBGP.

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