[j-nsp] SRX's and Wireless

Maarten van der Hoek maarten at vanderhoek.nl
Mon Nov 18 03:50:54 EST 2013

Hi Guys,

Don't forget the 'virtual-road' they're heading!

Especially for deployments of 1 / 2 AP's (but far more scalable..till 100's!
) the VWLC is great (both price and performance - of course depending on
your VMWare server).
Listprice $320 for a VWLC-10 (for 10 Accesspoints...)



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That seems to be the gist of it bud.

To be honest the AX411s were not that stable an AP and basically needs
resetting every so often (I use event scripts to reset every morning at
3am).  With the purchase of Trapeze Juniper seems to be moving the AP mgmt
off SRXs and onto dedicated kit.

I agree that the price hike from the WLC2 to the WLC100 is steep but as I
said above, it seems to be the way that Juniper are going.


On 18 November 2013 04:30, Skeeve Stevens <
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> Hey all,
> I'd like to get some clarification.
> I've been informed that the AX411 AP is being discontinued.  While in 
> itself this isn't an issue, it is the only AP that the SRX's can 
> manage directly (afaik).
> I also see that the WLC2 (4 AP's) has been discontinued and replaced 
> by the
> WLC100 (comes license to manage 4 - up to 32)... which essentially 
> doubles the price of having a controller for a few AP's. (from $1000 
> to $2000)
> I have no problem with Juniper EOL'ing products, but at the moment, it 
> looks like the AP management function of the SRX's is going to become 
> useless with nothing to manage.
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