[j-nsp] m10 re-333 latest version of junos

Tobias Heister lists at tobias-heister.de
Tue Sep 10 16:52:42 EDT 2013


Am 10.09.2013 21:49, schrieb N. Max Pierson:
> I have a couple of old m10s with re-333s in them and I would like to
> upgrade them to whatever the last version of Junos code they can run. These
> are lab routers and not production. Can someone point me in the right
> direction? I've seen a few folks say 10.4 will work, but I only see the
> m120, m160, m320 etc on the downloads page. I assume the m120 image would
> work in this case?

We are currently running 10.4 (R9 i should upgrade them) on our lab M5s with RE2.0 or RE3.0.

You can use the "M-series, MX high end series & T-series Install Package" which is a universal image for all the m-series devices. In theory newer releases (11 or even 12) should work as well, but i have not tried it myself. It might be they removed support for EOL Hardware somewhere down the line.

Depending on the release you come from you might need/want to use the "M-series, MX high end series & T-series Install Media" if you do not want to perform a nearly endless upgrade chain. 

You might need additional compact flash to install the newer releases. We used off the shelf cf cards which just worked. If you can find some old memory it can be quite handy because the newer releases use lots of memory.

This Router is currently idle with basically factory default configuration
> lab at LR2> show chassis routing-engine
> Routing Engine status:
>     Temperature                 36 degrees C / 96 degrees F
>     CPU temperature             36 degrees C / 96 degrees F
>     DRAM                       384 MB
>     Memory utilization          77 percent
>     CPU utilization:
>       User                       0 percent
>       Background                 0 percent
>       Kernel                     1 percent
>       Interrupt                  0 percent
>       Idle                      98 percent
>     Model                          RE-2.0

Kind Regards
Tobias Heister

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