[j-nsp] Dual Dynamic VPNS

Levi Pederson levipederson at mankatonetworks.net
Fri Jul 11 11:32:03 EDT 2014


Just a quick question.  I'm looking at creating a new Dynamic VPN into the
office here that allows internet throughput and other cool and sexy
options.  We however already have one setup.   We're using an SRX210 with
the basic license.  I'm wondering if I can create the test dynamic VPN
while the other is still in production.  I'm looking at the hierarchy of
the commands required seem to overlap the current configuration.  Has
anyone tried this before?

Thank you,

*Levi Pederson*
Mankato Networks LLC
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work | 612.787.7392
levipederson at mankatonetworks.net

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