[j-nsp] R: Re: QinQ interface configuration question

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Mon Jul 21 03:38:46 EDT 2014

On (2014-07-21 00:16 -0700), Robert J Huey wrote:

> I've seen this sort of a thing done on other platforms. The most you can expect it to put the more specific match up front ( unit 1 } outer 555 inner 200 } ) followed by less specifics towards the end ( unit 20 { outer 555 } ).    

I've opened ER for this, this should work, and I believe in Trio HW does work,
just you can't commit the configuration.
Use case is you have martini EVPN with QinQ but you need to steal one CVLAN
for CE MGMT. So you create 42, 100 L3 interface and 42 L2 interface to
transport anything else having top VLAN 42.

I know it works in Cisco ES+. I've not tested very recently on JunOS, but if
it still does not work, and this bugs someone else, maybe holler at account
manager and refer to JTAC case 2012-0921-0010.

(What the OP wants to do is clearly impossible)


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