[j-nsp] Juniper MX Upgrade / Configuration question

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Thu Oct 16 06:07:50 EDT 2014

On (2014-10-16 09:52 +0200), Sebastian Wiesinger wrote:

Hi Sebastian,

> > I was wondering if anyone knows where a MX router stores the boot
> > configuration its going to use after you load a new version of code
> > on the router.

> a software upgrade does not change the configuration. It will use
> /config/juniper.conf.gz as always. I never saw anything else during SW
> upgrades.

If I understood Matt correctly his problem is, he has already done 'request
system software add', which stores the config somewhere to be used after
upgrade and further commits will not be included in that.
He'd like to make changes to the configs before reloading the boxes and ensure
the config changes are included.

I've been quite annoyed by this, since it means you have to be awake in
maintenance window 30min-1h longer than you should, because you can't pre-load
the new software then in maintenace window just boot.

I guess most people from IOS world used to copy software in office hours,
setup boot variable etc. Then in maint window just do 'reload', this is not
viable process in JunOS world. And I'd like to hear answer to Matt's problem


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