[j-nsp] MX issue

Huan Pham drie.huanpham at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 02:49:31 EDT 2014


If the passing through traffic does not experience any issue, then I do not think it is related to "asymmetric" routing, or a congestion on a particular link in the multi paths that exist between MX1 & MX4. 

It is more likely related to a high CPU utilisation on MX4, or a RE protection (policing/ rate-limiting) mechanism on MX4.


> On 17 Oct 2014, at 6:52 pm, R LAS <dim0sal at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Strange issue.
> Let put it simple, my customer have a network like this:
> MX1 --- wan --  MX3
>  |                          |
> MX2 --- wan --  MX4
> MX are MX480.
> Pings from MX1 to a vip address active on MX4 are 40% lost.
> A telnet from MX1 to a vip address active on MX4 takes 20 to 50 seconds to open the first time, the second is faster.
> I suspect asymetric routing but it's still not clear (I do not manage the customer net).
> I'm told that passing through traffic do not experience any kind of issue.
> I'm thinking to ddos protection but still not got the output from the customer...
> Any other idea about the issue ? 
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