[j-nsp] Practice lab environments, any suggestions?

Scott Granados scott at granados-llc.net
Thu Sep 4 12:57:35 EDT 2014

So VFIrefly is a good idea.  I happen to have a copy from the time I was working for J.  I can probably get a good part of the way with that.  I’ve seen some pretty complicated topologies created using that environment.  Basically it seems to be a virtual SRX which you can then put in to packet mode and make simulate a J series router.  Might be a good low cost starting point.

On Sep 4, 2014, at 12:38 PM, Tyler Christiansen <tyler at adap.tv<mailto:tyler at adap.tv>> wrote:

It also depends on what certifications you're going for.  Also need to keep in mind that EX2200 and EX3200, while capable of virtual chassis, do not have dedicated virtual chassis ports.  None of those devices will let you do some of the switching features necessary for SP exams, and the J2300 and J4300 are end of sale.  I haven't used the J series, but if they require a different Junos image than the J4350 or J2320, it may be difficult to find a new(er) Junos image.

I would honestly just buy a few EX4200s and use Junos Firefly (or whatever it's called now) for the routing.  If you can afford it, Junosphere is excellent.  Not that it's expensive, but it does cost money, and if you don't use it for a significant portion of the day, it can be a "waste" of money.  Junosphere is due for v4 soon (there used to be a notice about potential downtime while systems are upgraded to support it--or something to that effect).


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This actually looks interesting, thanks for the pointer.

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something like this might be overkill, but might save you a lot of money on rack rentals if you plan on spending loads of time on this.


(not my listing, just an example, buyer beware, etc etc)

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I’m starting down the path of certifications and wondering what people use for practice labs in terms of hardware?   I did some googling but have mostly found rack rental services.  Is this the primary method?  Is there anyone putting together bundles for sale of used equipment like you might find for Cisco hardware?  If not what hardware do people suggest for a home lab that’s reasonably cost effective.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  Any pointers to pre made kits or other solutions would also be greatly appreciated.


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