[j-nsp] Juniper VC not showing all ports in show commands

Laurent CARON lcaron at unix-scripts.info
Fri Sep 5 11:30:31 EDT 2014

Le 05/09/2014 16:53, Darren O'Connor a écrit :
> I was testing some Juniper VCs today and seeing some odd stuff. I have a two member stack. In a show interfaces I can see all interfaces. When I try and view certain protocol states on interfaces I can only see the VC master interfaces.
> As an example if I do a show dot1x interfaces, I can only see ge-0/0/0 to ge-0/0/47. Same with show spanning-tree interface. If I type show dot1x interface ge-1/0/0 it show nothing at all.
> This is on a 4200 stack trying code 12.3R6.6 and 13.2+
> Looked at a very old stack we have running 10.3R3 and it shows all interfaces, not only the master interfaces.
> Anyone else seen this?


I did experience a similar problem recently.

After having been up for a few weeks my stack would experience high 
memory usage, invisible interfaces, no new arp entries in the table, ...

After pushing juniper JTAC for nearly a year, this was finally solved in 

My experience on EX's with 13.2 has been far from good (memory leak, 
empty arp table, inter vlan routing randomly stopping...).

So far I'm running 12.3R7.7 and 11.4R8.5 on EX stacks.


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