[j-nsp] Using Cisco SFP's on Juniper 4500's

Paulhamus, Jon jpaulhamus at IU17.ORG
Fri Sep 12 19:16:12 EDT 2014

We've used a combination of Cisco, Juniper and Finisar SFP's with only one issue:

Some Finisar 1Gb will also operate at 4Gb in the EX4500's as they support fiberchannel at 4Gb, and can't be "dialed-down".  Depends on the model.  Cisco's have been fine.

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> Mark,
> That makes no sense logically. Clients would be able to connect 100% 
> or 0%, there wouldn't be an in-between based on the vendor gbic.

So to give more detail, a laptop and Cisco switch connect fine.

But a Tejas SDH box does not. I'm thinking it's because the Cisco copper SFP can run only at 1Gbps, while a properly coded Juniper one (or a Cisco one that will work) supports tri-rate, given the Tejas did not do anything faster than 100Mbps.


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